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Monday, 14 December 2015

Taking Control: How far are you in taking control of your life?

Find a day to re-define who you are and where you want to be...!

Taking control is a process of spiritual awakening wherein a person experiences a new perception regarding the current social and financial situations that do not reflect desired optimal life. It is a moment of truth about the underlying personal struggles, career flops and general lack.

What does taking control means!
Taking control means an active decision a person takes following a self assessment period. It is a new mindset that trusts inner voice and given talents than previous and current personal experiences. It is a conscious step of letting go issues of socialization with an open mind to start-over through learning and inputting new information to effect change. It is being convinced that life does not happen to self; that it is self determined.

Steps of taking control of your life!
The following are guiding steps when you decide to take charge of your life: 
1.    Ask yourself clear questions: The first one could be; am I where I wanted to be? The honest answer is one that will enable you to list achievements and failures. Most of us have longer list of failures. If that is the case do not despair great milestones ever achieved were the results of many failures. The key is not giving up on your vision.
2.    List your successes: This is an important step wherein you create a feeling of success; thus maintaining a high level of your gratitude and belief in your capabilities. The secret of success is being positive and keeping your focus alive with imagination of your achieved goal and its impact on your life.
3.    List your failures: All failures were your practice playground where you could see how you failed in the past. Growth occurs when you regard your failures as stepping stones to new strategies – noting areas where you have no personal skill or resources to move from the current position.
4.    Read relevant books: Depending on your goal, there are countless book, videos and seminars that explain the relevance of natural laws in attaining success. Research on how thoughts and feelings have direct impact on experiencing good relationships, succeeding to gain wealth, and how positive energy is your lifeline!
Only when you get convinced that you
 need change will you take control of your life!
5.   Find a coach: A coach helps a person who wants to win Olympic Marathon on what to eat, how to be mentally ready, how to be physically fit to rich that goal and actually ensuring that set tasks are diligently executed. Likewise you may need a person who could help you see how you failed in the past and teach you the power of the mind in achieving anything.

 Are you mentally and emotionally ready to take control of your life!
Mental readiness denotes doing what it takes to change your experience. If you want to change your life, change how you have been thinking, feeling and doing about your life. Discover who you really are by analyzing your own emotional and financial intelligence. Be aware that even those who inherit wealth from their parents have to be mentally and emotionally ready to maintain it. If you are not ready the Law of Harmonious Attraction will soon reveal this fact; the riches will repel you and disappear gradually.
1.    You are mentally ready when you first appreciate what you have and demonstrate this by applying financial success principles. This refers to your ability to bring in income and safe part of it monthly.
2.    You are emotionally ready when you differentiate needs from wants and apply self-control and wisdom when spending on wants.
3.    You take control of your life when such legacy will take upward mobility and affect others positively. This simply says the legacy now has a portion of your own resources and the natural law of sowing and reaping will apply; thus sustaining the wealth. 

Taking control of your life is reclaiming your right for optimal life; it involves asserting more efforts and adopting new strategies that work. It is a journey of self-discovery wherein you know that whatever you perceive as your desired goal exists because you cannot have anything that is not in your mind. It is a great awakening and being focused on a clear desired goal. Concentration of energy always brings an action – good or bad! Your decision to take control of your life is the process of self-actualization which results in fulfilled life.